I was watching a show on Foxtel about babies, and they were in the neonatal ward.

I had to turn it off because it brought back some really painful feelings about when Christian was born and all of the struggles he had to fight his way through and the fact he was so tiny. 

Nobody understands how much mothers of premature babies punish themselves for the fact that their child came into this world too soon and the fact that there is such a huge chance that you might never have the opportunity to take your child out of hospital with you. Its extremely painful.

To be honest, I didn’t think he would make it out of hospital and I am so blessed to have a child that got through all of that, through the sickness and breathing troubles and infections.

Thank you for fighting Christian, I love you.

  1. jadekis said: He was always going to make it, because he got his strength from you, you’re both fighters… And I love you both more than anything xoxo
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